Saturday, 31 October 2015

Legal Inhumanity.

         The various states talk of humanity, but act like the fascists they are. A whole industry has grown up shipping people across borders and depositing them in countries that they have fled. In the modern state, Law enforcement is a euphemism for, repression, dawn raids, eveictions, detentions and deportations, all done with the stamp of the faceless state legitimacy. Deaths in there thousands doesn't move the state apparatus towards humanity, the Mediterranean could fill up with bodies and they would still be pontificating on how to shove them back to where they came from.
Not a new leaflet, but still very relevant.
Taken from Act For Freedom Now:
      The following is a leaflet distributed in almost 200 copies at the rally entitled “Refugees Welcome” Saturday, September 12, during which far-left parties and orgas brought their ideologies for sale …
      In this world, those fleeing conditions of poverty, war, religious persecution of all kinds engendered by capitalism, nationalism, religion and States are many.
      If the system is currently putting the so-called “reception” reserved for Syrian and Kurdish “refugees” fleeing the assassins of Daesh at the front of the media scene it is to better hide from the public the fate that awaits all those without papers here: raids, deportation, detention in CRA before deportation to their countries of origin.
      Yet the operation of the left concerning the “welcome” of migrants is a huge hoax. Its policy swings between the carrot and the stick: between those who might benefit – at random and according to the quotas in force – from “political asylum” and “refugee” status because they are from a country at war and the others, not having papers, will be delivered to living underground, to the police or to charitable organizations (Red Cross, Emmaus …) that manage their misery, their detention and their forced deportation.
     Already for months in Paris migrants and their supporters have been plagued by police repression, which the left parties are involved in by disseminating pacification and their promises of politicos, evicting every occupation of empty buildings; in Seine-Saint-Denis PCF municipalities expel camps of Roma and of those without papers; in Calais metal barriers recycled from the last NATO summit are used to repel migrants desiring to get to the UK by any means possible, risking their lives (11 have died since June); between Ventimiglia and Menton the police raid and deport undocumented people with the material and logistical cooperation of the (Italian) Red Cross; in Besancon for years the town hall has been sending its municipal cops to evict the Roma trying to survive in the Viotte station park, driving travellers from the ‘Malcombe’ land, etc …
       It takes the photograph of a migrant child found dead on a beach circulated by the media and on social networks for citizens to be moved. Yet more than a thousand migrants have perished in the Mediterranean this summer alone. This has nothing of a humanitarian problem. The death of migrants at the borders of Europe and its States is part of a daily life that cannot be tolerated. Here, the companies and institutions that exploit them (in catering, cleaning, etc ..) are many, that give them to the cops (BNP Paribas, the Post, Pôle Emploi (Job centre) …), that collaborate with having them locked up in detention centres (SODEXO, COFELY GDF SUEZ, DE RICHEBOURG, …), that deport them (Air France, SNCF …), etc …
     The heart of the problem lies in the existence of this world of money, of States and their borders, their cops and their prisons. So let’s stop weeping. Let’s rebel!
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