Thursday, 1 October 2015

State Repression Continues.

        As the vindictive Greek state sticks to its inhumane policies, the life of Evi Statiri ebbs away. She is being held in prison simply because she is the relative of a prisoner. However, protests continue, but need all our support and solidarity. 

Poster reads:
FREEDOM FOR EVI STATIRI WHO CONDUCTS HUNGER STRIKE SINCE SEPTEMBER 14TH When the Power fail to make subversive prisoners bow down to them, they target their close and supportive environment, seeking to punish what goes beyond the polarity between innocence and guilt: solidarity.
      As of today, September 30th 2015, we participate in the mobilisation of prisoners throughout Greece (at the prisons of Trikala, Domokos, Grevena, and the women’s and men’s prisons of Koridallos in Athens) for the immediate RELEASE of Evi Statiri, wife of political prisoner-member of the Cells of Fire Gerasimos Tsakalos.
      Evi has already been admitted to the General State Hospital of Nikaia, having entered her 16th day on hunger strike.
     Solely responsible for her life are the justice minister — who enacted an amendment-scrap of paper for the cessation of prosecution against relatives of inmates, which nevertheless remains inactive — as well as the judicial council where the request for Evi’s release has been filed – who are procrastinating at the expense of her constantly deteriorating health.
      Until Evi is released from prison, we refuse the midday lock-up and count in our cells.
       Initiative of Political Prisoners
Koridallos Prisons Underground Annex [*]
September 30th 2015

        [*] basement in Koridallos women’s prison, a special high-security unit for men where those convicted as members of armed revolutionary organisations, including anarchist comrades, are being held separately from the general population of inmates
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