Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Sacked For Speaking Out.

         States across the globe keep moving to the right, it is their natural direction and the only way they can keep control of the people. It takes many shapes from intrusive surveillance, to an avalanche of propaganda. They will always come down hard on any group that organises to protect and/or further the interests of the ordinary people. Here in the UK we are seeing some of the most draconian anti-union laws being forced down our throats, after being given the fake stamp of legitimacy by the corrupt cabal sitting in the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption. Of course employers will always take advantage of the states anti-people structure, as in the case of, (often repeated across the globe) the sacked union rep, Sergey Mastepan.
An appeal from Labour Start:
   Union reps are there to speak out in defense of union members. That seems obvious to us.  But not to every employer.
        For example, a company called Transiidikeskus AS has decided to sack Sergey Mastepan, a shop steward for the Estonian Seamen's Independent Union (ESIU), because he spoke out on a picket line and to media about conditions in the company.
        Sergey needs our help today to get his job back.  And to establish the principle that unions are there to defend working people.
Please take a moment to sign up to support the International Transport Workers Federation appeal here on LabourStart:
       And please share this message with your family, friends and fellow union members.

       And one more thing: the International Union of Foodworkers campaign focussing on PepsiCo's squeezing of human rights in India, needs our support.  They're just 380 messages short of 10,000 -- can you help?  Please go here:
Solidarity forever!

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