Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Capitalism = Crisis.

         Capitalism in crisis, capitalism is crisis, to get rid of the crisis in capitalism, we have to get rid of capitalism. Any attempt to tinker with, modify, transform capitalism, will still leave you with capitalism, which is an exploitative system, based on profit for the few and struggle for the many. Dress it up in tinsel, paint it pink, spray it with deodorant, it is still a stinking system whereby the many work for the enrichment of the few. We can never be free if we, the many, depend on working all our lives for the enrichment of the few. Why do we continually struggle through life creating unimaginable wealth for the few? Why do we perpetuate a system of exploitation for the next generation, our children and grandchildren, to inherit? 
           There is a world beyond "market forces", by no stretch of the imagination can the present system be called democracy. It is plutocracy, corporatism, mass exploitation, plundering of public assets, raping of the world's resources, take your pick, but it is not democracy, nor can capitalism ever by democracy.

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