Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Corporate Health Service, PLC.

      If you pop your head into that cesspool, the babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, you will be aware of the dread and doom headlines regarding the NHS. in recent years. Here are just a few:

    The NHS in England faces a funding gap of up to £2bn, about 2% of its budget, for the next financial year, the BBC understands.

      The NHS could slip £2.5bn into the red later this year and its financial position could spiral “out of control”, with many hospitals and vast chunks of the service running out of money, one of its most senior figures has warned.

     NHS finances in crisis due to rising demand and budget cuts
     Exclusive: NHS faces financial disaster in 2015 as politicians urged to find radical solution
      Two finance directors in three fear their hospital will go into deficit next year as next government must choose between cuts and extra spending, say experts.
       All this in one of the richest countries on the planet, why? It is not incompetence by staff, it is not abuse by patients, it is ideology. The powers that be, that sit in The Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, are following the dictate of the financial Mafia and their corporate masters. They will continue to run the NHS into the ground by means of changes, targets and lack of funding, and then state that something drastic has to be done to save the health service. That drastic action will be the calling on the cavalry of private finance, to come riding to the rescue and invest. In other words take over the running of the NHS. The NHS will become the Corporate Health Service, PLC. The NHS is well on the way to being privatised, and if you can't see that, you're not looking at the evidence. The UK is the world's 6th. largest economy and the 3rd. largest in Europe. We can afford to spend 2.2% of our GDP on weaponry making billions in profits for the arms industry, no country in Europe spends a greater percentag, but we can't afford to look after the health of the people??? It is ideology, it is financial Mafia policy, that is grinding the NHS down, so that it can be carved up in bite size pieces for the corporate greed machine to devour and create a massive money making machine out of the ill-health and suffering of the sick and elderly.   
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