Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Creeping Disease Of Corporate Fascism.

         We all know that we live under the illusion of democracy, governments are in the pockets of the corporate world and the financial Mafia. However, if the world of big business gets its way, even that veneer of the illusion of democracy will evaporate. The big corporate players have come together and are in secret negotiations with EU governments, to remove completely any shred of power that governments may still have, they are trying to put the final nail in the coffin of the voice of the people. Governments will be held to account by the CEO and shareholders of big business, should they attempt any legislation that might in any way hinder their drive for increase profits. They want to get their grubby plundering hands on all public assets, privatisation will be the law, NHS, education, social services, all must be open to them for profit. Any legislation that might improve working conditions or wages will be challenged, and governments fined, as it may hit the  profits of the corporate greed merchants. Corporate fascism will be the only power, unless we wake up and bring this whole stinking, corrupt, unjust, exploitative system to an end.

Something exciting is about to happen. On Saturday 10 October thousands of people from across the EU and the USA will be taking to the streets to protest against dangerous trade agreements that could put more than 1 million of us out of work, ruin public services like our NHS, and allow dangerous chemicals and hormones in our food.  Probably the best known of these deals is TTIP which is being negotiated between the EU and the US. There’s a Stop TTIP action in Glasgow starting at 9.30am outside the SECC. Please come along and join in.
We’ll be there celebrating the enormous amount of names added to the Europe-wide petition against TTIP which closes in four days. If you haven’t already you can sign the EU-wide petition here. It’s reached almost 3 million signatures! Acting together, we can beat TTIP.
Best wishes, Guy Taylor Trade campaigner
P.S. Another dangerous trade deal is CETA between the EU and Canada. It could lock-in privatisation of public services and open up our government to huge lawsuits by corporations. If you haven’t already, tell your Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to vote against CETA.
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