Monday, 12 October 2015

The Rent Strike, 100 Years On.

       Spirit of Revolt is putting on another exhibition in the foyer of the  Mitchell Library, Glasgow from November 2nd. to November 29th. The main theme will be The Rent Strike, 100 years on. We are sure there is a lot of interest in this subject, and we hope that this exhibition will help feed and maintain that interest. The history of the struggles of the ordinary people is seldom fully recorded, but we should never let it be lost, to this end the Spirit of Revolt collects, catalogues and publishes on line, as much of the struggles of the ordinary people of Glasgow and Clydeside, as we can get our hands on. It is our history, our culture of struggle for a better life, if we don't record it it will be lost, and we become a people without a history, a people without a culture. If this exhibition is as successful as the last one we put on at the same venue, the group will be extremely pleased. Our history is important to us all, as well as future generations, so do spread the word, come along, bring some friends, make your comments, we welcome your feed-back.

 Photos courtesy of The Mitchell Library, from "Rent Strike Information Pack".
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