Sunday, 18 October 2015

Beloved Tarmac And Concrete Place!!!

     Over the years Glasgow's green spaces have been disappearing under a creeping concrete tide. To those who live in, and visit the city, this is a tragedy, an ever diminishing quality of life in the city. It is ironic of course, as the name "Glasgow" is suppose to translate as "Beloved Green Place". Perhaps we should change the name to the Gaelic for "Concrete Forest", whatever that happens to be.
      For many years now, the people to the west of the city, Kelvin ward, have been making excellent use of what is known as North Kelvin Meadow. It  has become an wonderful asset to the community especially the children. It is an area of trees and green, open to all in the heart of a built up area, but for the usual reasons, the City Council would like to spread it with a veneer of concrete and build expensive houses and flats on what is an asset to the health and well being of all those who use the space. Another green place would disappear from the "Beloved Green Place".
         Supporters of The North Kelvin Meadow are appealing for support this coming Tuesday, and hopefully from then on, to keep the Meadow, and  helping to preserve what green is left of our, "Beloved Green Place"

       We found out today that the planning authority is recommending that both our plan 'to keep the meadow and wood wild and for the community' and the New City Vision plan 'to build 90 residences' be granted, subject to meeting certain conditions.
      We hope that the planning committee accept the planning officers recommendation to accept our plan next Tuesday, and that they grant us a site visit and hearing before any decision is made on the New City Vision plan. We will be making placards for next Tuesday's George Square gathering asking that the planning committee make a site visit and grant us a hearing. Please come and join us next Tuesday, 20th October.
      We're asking people to dress in green for the gathering, we'll meet outside the City Chambers at 10:45. For local people there will be a bus leaving the meadow and wood at 10:15am and taking people to George Square and back again after the committee meeting (which starts at 11am).
     Because we will not have an opportunity to speak at the hearing on Tuesday we're asking people to make placards requesting a site visit and a hearing and to show the level of support and engagement for the land and what happens on it.
       North Kelvin Meadow and The Children's Wood has become an essential part of the community, helping to meet 21st century educational and community needs like tackling low levels of child-well-being, the achievement gap, food poverty, mental and physical health problems and much more. If we take away the meadow and wood then the impact will be enormous on the wider community. We have plans to do more for the community and build on what we have achieved already and we could do so much more with support from the administration of Glasgow City Council.

Please spread the word about Tuesday and join us in George Square!

Many thanks!
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