Monday, 5 October 2015

The World Is Our Village.

        How much bloodshed and misery has been caused by armed thugs belonging to a rich elite defending imaginary lines on the ground? Some warmongering thug gathers around themselves a bunch of paid mercenaries to hold on to some land they have stolen, they set up an apparatus called "the state", this is supposed to legitimise their theft and butchery. From then on, all those trapped within those imaginary lines are the slaves and servants of that elite. All those outside those imaginary lines, are alien, different, inferior, dangerous, of course the same insanity is going on within all those plots of land bound by imaginary lines and defended by force. It is the mind set of the insane, the greedy, the psychotic, their are no borders, these are simply robbers stakes from plunder by deceit and force. We the people do not need borders, we do not need imaginary lines to create imaginary enemies, we are one world, one humanity.

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