Sunday, 13 November 2016

A Capitalist Sytem Can't Save Our NHS.

      So the Branson brand gets a massive £700 million slice of the NHS, shock, horror, well no, I, like many others have been shouting for years that the NHS is to be privatised. Slice by slice, bite size bit by bite size bit, it will be gobbled up. If you are appealing to the capitalist system, to please don't privatise our NHS, you're wasting your time. If you accept capitalism, then accept that everything that can make money will be privatised, that's what they are about, that's the system you are tolerating. All that is termed essential services, gas, electricity, the postal service, all gone into the broth-pot of the corporate world. More and more councils are handing over what were services that they delivered, to private companies. Part of the prison system is in private hands, care for the elderly, the DWP assessment of the sick, is in private hands. So what makes you think that the NHS will be treated differently, considering they have already punted large sections of the NHS to their mates in the corporate world.
     Stop shout at the government to "save our NHS", they have already bankrupted it, making it ready for "private capital" to come rushing to the rescue. Start acting against the root cause of all this privatising, (plundering of public assets) and concentrate on getting rid of capitalism, only when that is done, will our NHS be safe.
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