Sunday, 6 November 2016

Mass Action, November 15th.

      A call for support from the thousands standing together against the degradation of the land and polluting of the water by the Dakota Access Pipeline. As expected. the state's response to the will of the people, when that will is at odds with the corporate world, is to come down heavy on the people. The water protectors need all our support, either to be there, or to publicise  this one more plundering and polluting of our environment. This is not just Dakota, this is a world wide event as the corporate world decimates the planet in its ever increasing and desperate, insatiable greed for profit.

From the water protectors:
Published on Nov 2, 2016
      On Tuesday, November 15th, join a massive day of action across the country to demand that this administration and the next reject this pipeline. Join an action near you - and if one doesn’t exist, organize an action in your community.

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