Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Phoney Justice And The Illusion Of Democracy.

         Name your country and people end up in cages on trumped up charges. The so called "rule of law" will be used to excuse violence, corruption, intimidation and repression. Phoney charges, planted evidence, false statements by the lackeys of the "judiciary", are all tools the system will use to silence opposition to its exploitation, prolong the illusion of democracy and protect the parasites who gorge on the sweat and blood of the people. Their control can only survive by these techniques, without them their whole stinking system would drown in a tidal wave of justice. That tidal wave of justice is rising, how high that tide will be, how soon will it arrive, that's up to us all. We are the waves that will wash the festering system to the sewers, where it belongs.

       In May of 2016, two of our comrades in Azerbaijan, Qiyas Ibrahimov and Bayram Mammadov, were arrested for spray painting the monument of the former dictator Haydar Aliev. It was on the night before the so-called "Flower holiday“, a day made up in conmemoration of Haydar, the father of the current President of Azerbaijan. Nonetheless, as the charges for spray painting would not have been very high, more than 1 kilogram of heroin was planted in each of our comrades‘ homes.
      They were processed on different trials. Qiyas has already been sentenced to 10 years of prison, his friend Bayram Mammadov is still on trial.
       From Azerbaijani comrades we received the text of Qiyas‘ speech in front of the jury, him being interrupted regularly by the judge. In support of his case, we made an audio version of this speech and the judge’s comments.

You can find the speech in the attached document.
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  1. The whole system is built like a giant prison, within which, what we call "prisons" are nothing but punishment cells. So, from this point of view, society is divided into a majority of prisoners, and an elite of guardians who live off the labor of the enslaved majority. The laws in this "democratic" global prison not allowed to question this elite, nor the prison walls, nor his tyrannical rule. But one day the walls will fall, and the control tower along with the elites housed therein.

  2. I will try to translate to spanish the text of Qiyas Ibrahim.