Thursday, 24 November 2016

The State Is Repression.

     As the babbling brook of bullshit that is our mainstream media, spews out fantasy stories from Brexiters and Remainers, it deliberately turns its focus away from anything that might show the Western "democracies" indulging in there routine state violence, against those who resist the brutal onslaught of the corporate juggernaut. Not many photos, not many reports on the resistance of the water protectors standing firm against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Not many reports of the militarised police brutality throwing the full weight of the American repressive system against unarmed and peaceful demonstrators.  
     Of course we should not be surprised, the so called "mainstream media" is no more than the propaganda unit of the corporate dictatorship under which we live. Their main purpose is to weave illusion, breed compliance, encourage celebrity worship and sustain subservience. 
      Well in spite of their smoke and mirrors and ignoring the reality that is all around them, resistance is still there, it is growing, and sooner or later it will prevail. As the state ups its repression, the people will up their resistance.

        Something that our modern super efficient mainstream media failed to notice.
      Demonstrators protesting against Dakota Access Pipeline say they are trapped on a bridge as North Dakota police fire tear gas and rubber bullets at them, according to live reports on social media.
      The demonstration is taking place on Highway 1806, just north of the main protest camp against the pipeline.
    Officers have also reportedly deployed water cannon on the protesters in below-freezing temperatures, and are using LRAD sound devices.

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  1. Key BBC Terms In Its Israeli – Palestinian Coverage

    In October 2006, Electronic listed BBC’s “key terms” in its conflict coverage – to “find a balance” that, in fact, tilts strongly toward Israel. For example:

    – pre-meditated assassinations are called “killings” or occasionally “targeted killings” if Israeli sources say it;

    – the separation or apartheid wall is called a “barrier, separation barrier, West Bank barrier, (or simply) this wall;” sometimes “fence” is used as well; no hint of its real purpose or that the World Court ruled it illegal; no mention either that it’s unrelated to security and simply a land-grab scheme and effort to heighten Palestinian isolation;

    – Gaza – Israel nominally disengaged in summer 2005; in fact, it never did; it merely redeployed its forces, and maintains rigid control over the Territory’s land, coast and airspace; it invades and attacks at will and maintains a brutish mediaeval siege; all movement in and out of Gaza is restricted; so are Gazans’ access to food, water, health care, fuel, electricity and other life essentials; the result is a deep humanitarian crisis; BBC ignores it; instead it merely refers to an “end to Israel’s permanent military presence,” not an end to its occupation, repression, continued incursions, mass killings, targeted assassinations, and systemic use of torture;

    – Intifada – more fudging when referring to causes; value judgments are avoided; so is truth; don’t say Ariel Sharon’s September 29, 2000 Haram al-Sharif provocation incited a popular uprising; package his visit with Palestinian frustration over a failed peace process and say it “sparked the (second) intifada (rather than it) led (to it or) started (it);”

    – Jewish – distinguish between “Israeli” or “Jewish” to avoid religious or racial connotations; stress political ones instead; ignore how Israelis stress Jewishness by relating to “the promised land,” one “without people for a people without a land,” a Jewish homeland, Israel’s biblical connection, and raising the issue of anti-semitism against harsh Israeli critics; when they’re Jewish call them self-hating;

    – Occupied Territories or Occupation – BBC refers to East Jerusalem and the West Bank, not the Golan Heights; after Israel “disengaged,” Gaza is in political limbo; BBC distinguishes between the “occupied territories” and Palestinian Land or Palestinian Territories; calling Gaza and the West Bank “disputed territories” is preferred; in fact, there’s no dispute; they’re both Israeli occupied Palestinian land;

    – settlements and outposts – BBC distinguishes between them when, in fact, they vary only in size; BBC avoids calling them illegal; they’re all illegal but adjectives aren’t used unless they’re vital to a story; in all reports, BBC is one-sided; it stresses that Israel disputes international law; anti-Israeli value judgments aren’t made; the rule of law is dismissed; Palestinian rights are ignored; the growing number of Israeli settlers is fudged, downplayed and generally not mentioned;

    – “relative calm” or “quiet” periods – it refers to quiescent Palestinian resistance, no Israeli deaths, but not ongoing Israeli attacks and killings;

    – right of return – BBC ignores international law and UN Resolution 194; it promotes the Israeli position instead; and

    – “terrorists” – a loaded term applying only to Palestinians; never Israelis; most often other words are used like “bomber, attacker, gunman, kidnapper, insurgent (or) militant;” Palestinian self-defense is never called resistance, and Israeli incursions aren’t ever called aggression.

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