Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The State, The Management Tool Of Big Business.

      As is the custom of the state, it will tolerate protest until it appears that the protest is gaining support, or is likely to win, then the full savagery of the state apparatus will be unleashed on the protesters. Here in the UK the one that is in the news at the moment is Orgreave, planned and sanctioned brutality, unrestrained baton assaults, and horse charges running amok among protesters. Orchestrated state violence to break the miners strike, that was 32 years ago and the people viciously attacked are still waiting for justice. 
       In America, there is another struggle going on today, the Dakota pipeline, where corporate interests are riding roughshod over the interests of the indigenous people. A battle for clean water and respect for the land, or profit for the corporate world. There is no doubt which side the state will support. Out have come the big guns, the military style "policing" in an attempt to smash the will of the people, and give the corporate greed machine a free run at the destruction of this area. What we are witnessing here is the force of a militarised dictatorship savagely attacking the will of the people, in the interests of its lord and master, big business. It is sickeningly repeated year after year in country after country, and will continue until we finally destroy the state and its apparatus of repression. There is never any doubt which side the state is on, history tells us it is the management tool of the corporate world. Which side are you on?

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