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Only The People Will Decide The will Of The people.

        The people of Greece have probably suffered more from the ponzi scheme, known as the "banking crisis" that collapsed in 2008, than any other European country. They are still mired in poverty and deprivation, with a collapsed health service and a disintegrated education system. They are witnessing the fire sale of all their public assets to those very institutions that were responsible for the destruction of the fabric of their society. So it is to be expected that they are alive to the reality that "balancing the books" and "austerity" is no more than a plundering of their country. All carried out by the puppets of the financial Mafia, their government. The result of this festering marriage between the state and the corporate world, only delivers human misery and a rumbling anger.
     Their anger can only be hidden under the surface for so long, it has and will again surface, it will take many shapes, only the people have a right to determine how that anger will manifest itself. The will of the people will only be fashioned by the people. You can only take a beating for so long, then you have to hit back, harder than you assailant.
       A little piece of the background to what is going on in Greece today.  
      The armed attack of Revolutionary Struggle against riot police in Exarchia was one of the most important actions of the organization. It was a legitimate political and social action in retaliation for the murder of 16 year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos by the policemen Korkoneas and Saralioti, which took place on December 6, 2008. This murder was the result of the intensification of police violence in recent years, and was formed under conditions of intensive neoliberal reforms and the “war against terrorism” in the same period.
      In particular, this development took on larger dimensions in the spring of 2007, when there were violent clashes and attacks in the center of Athens between students, youths and anarchists against squads of riot police, in the protests that were against the bill of the Ministry of Education to promote the privatization of education.
      The then minister of Public Order, Byron Polidoras, when taking office truthfully addressed the police as “Praetorians”, and when after these riots followed anarchist attacks on police stations in Exarchia and Papagos, he had stated that “the police have steady nerves” and can safely pull out their guns. Essentially, this more or less gave the green light to fire against unarmed demonstrators, youths and anarchists. At the same time there was a climate promoted by the state and the Ministry of Public Order, with declarations from this same minister and also the police union, promoting the cleaning of anarchists from Exarchia, speaking of the reclamation of Exarchia for the state. A similar debate and counter-debate exists now between Syriza government and the main opposition party of New Democracy.
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I Am The Crowd.

I am the crowd
I swim in the quagmire of poverty
its hooks, its barbs, tear my flesh
rupture my dreams,
I hold my breath for centuries
hoping to break through, gasp pure air.
Through the murky mire
I see bright things, shiny things sparkle
I see women in fine dresses, men in silk shirts,
I ask myself,
why do I swim in this cesspool?

I want the light and warmth of rectitude
to caress my labouring body,
seeds of my dreams to bloom
like wild flowers in a meadow.
One day, I will use my boundless strength
to haul this torn, battered being
out of the morass
onto the warm grassy bank,
when I do;
woe betide you, women in fine dresses
woe betide you mister in your fine silk shirt,
should you ever try to get in my way,
for I am the strength of the world,
I am the crowd.

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