Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Ground Hog Day.

     So Trump wins, so one figure head of a corrupt corporate regime is replaced by another. He will of course carry out the dictate of the all powerful corporate military industrial complex that is the power in America, just as previous presidents before him have done. He may get some sweeties and toys thrown to him, just to keep him happy at the end of his leash. Remember all the yeeha and wooping, the cry "change has come" at the election of Obama, but the wars continued, the bombings went on, and the drone assassinations actually increased, Guantanamo Bay is still there, and the American people still got poorer. America continued to interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states across the planet, shaping and moulding them to suit its economic plans. What do you expect to change, America has been, and still is, a powerful imperialist bully and will continue to behave like one. Iraq, Libya and Syria were public beatings of three sovereign nations that were not playing ball to the rules of the American economic policy. Others will suffer the same fate if they walk the same path. You can put a field mouse or a wolf in The White House, and America will continue to be the imperialist tyrant that it always has been.
      Our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media always play elections up as something momentous, the possibility that the people are going to create some great change, your vote counts is the cry, and after all the hullabaloo, things go on in the usual capitalist/imperialist manner.  The people get screwed, the rich get richer, wars continue to suit the rationale of the biggest bully in town. One thing we can all be sure of, Mr. Trump will come out of this much richer than he went in, that will be the only real change to our Ground Hog Day. 
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  1. The Mayor of the prison changes, the color of the walls changes, but walls and prisoners are still there.