Thursday, 17 November 2016

Hands Off!

     State repression goes on day and daily, sometimes dressed in wigs and gowns, wearing the mask of "law and order", sometimes the mask is of and it is raw, savage brutality, but it is always there. The form it takes will vary from state to state, but the aim remains the same, defend the established power structure, and control the population.
     A new zine from 325, Hands Off is worth a read.

     Two unsolved robberies in Aachen lead to an international anarchist witch-hunt involving cops, laboratories, judges and screws. As a result, three anarchists, incorrigible dreamers of freedom and bitter enemies of all power, are arrested in Spain and the Netherlands and extradited to the dungeons of the German State. Let’s seize the challenge of this very contemporary repressive design and transform it into an attack on the existent, each in their own way, with their own means.
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