Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Lizzie's House Needs Repairs!!!!

       You own a house, it is in need of repairs, so you go to your neighbours in the street and ask them to foot the bill for your house repairs. I think you know where you would be told to go. However, this is what is being suggested by our lords and masters, for an old lady living in one of her several homes, all of which are far to big for her, though she has no worries about the bedroom tax. Lizzie Windsor is no pauper, she has stashed away an unimaginable fortune, lives a life of opulence, pomp and grandeur, at our expense, as do a large contingent of her over privileged off spring. It appears that we have to fork out £369 million, to sort out some repairs at Lizzie’s London abode. It shows the true callous indifference our lords and masters have for us the general public. While they administer “austerity” in the shape of benefit cuts to the sick and needy, cap housing benefit, throwing thousands deeper into poverty, and increasing homelessness, preside over the NHS disintegrating for lack of funds, they are quite openly and publicly spending £369 million repairing a monumental edifice to British imperialism, which is the home to a bunch of extremely wealthy parasites. I’m not suggesting that they should ask the “Royals” to pay for it themselves, I’m suggesting that the whole rotten stinking system of unearned privilege, that is part and parcel of the festering cancerous marriage of imperialism/capitalism/monarchy be labelled, humanity’s darkest hour and swept away and disposed of in the dustbin of history. 
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  1. "As if all that weren’t enough to challenge even the most resilient sycophantic ignorance, the Queen, with breathtaking gall, had the effrontery to ask for a further contribution from the government’s cold weather pot, set up to help poverty-stricken pensioners with rising fuel costs, to help heat her bloody palaces! God forbid this fantastically wealthy scrounger should actually pay for these things herself. Her personal fortune, including stocks, shares, property, art and so on is estimated at somewhere in the region of £3 billion.

    All this at a time when public services, public sector jobs, wages, terms and conditions are being slashed in the most savage round of austerity measures yet seen in modern times. We can’t afford them, you see. We all need to do our bit and make sacrifices because “we’re all in it together”, remember.

    We throw billions of tax pounds at crooked and incompetent bankers, while allowing them to continue enjoying six and seven-figure salaries, bonuses and stock options and then we have these publicly-funded bean-fests of gluttonous and hideously expensive proportions as well. But we can’t afford to let nurses draw the pension they were promised, as part of their legally agreed terms and conditions of employment. Go figure, as the Crown's former colonial subjects might say."