Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Live Music, Poetry, Fun And Solidarity.

        The good people of Castlemilk Against Austerity, have been putting on a series of community events, and they are growing in popularity, helping to bring together the rich strands of the community. They range from talks/discussions, poetry and music as well as philosophy and food sharing. They are now putting out the word of their next get-together, and looks as good and rich as the previous.

       This is our next Event please come along and let people know about it they're brilliant nights 

  Live Music Night Fundraiser By the people, for the people A night showcasing local musical talent, should be fun and once again we need the support of the people to make the night a success.
Tickets are available through the page and are a snip at £2.50.
      This will be our 4th Music Night the previous 3 have been great wee nights with amazing talent we even had the Brilliant Gerry Cinnamon do his stuff at the last one. We want to encourage all of us to share ideas about how we can stick up for each other and campaign to change the unfairness, inequality and poverty we are all facing. We know what the issues are and believe that only the people in the community pulling together can really change things. The Live Music Event brings together all that in the most creative way. Everything is original from all the participants with their own music and words with a few auld favs added. It’s not just raising community spirit and unity but also reminding people it’s us who create things not the millionaires.
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