Wednesday, 16 November 2016

A New Messiah From The Sewers.

        Yea, we are still trying to work out the eventual outcome of the fact that roughly a quarter of Americans, yep, just a quarter of Americans, gave the driving wheel of the most brutal and powerful imperialist country in the world, to a feckless dipshit egotistical, power crazy, TV showman. I still think that on the world stage it will be the unbridled power of the greed driven corporate military complex that will call the shots, with, of course, the blessing of their new figurehead. On the lower scale of what happens on our streets, well that is a different picture. All the right-wing vermin will now crawl out of the sewers, emboldened by their new Messiah. We are in for some very troubling times. We are living in an era of devastating wars, unprecedented inequality, unimaginable population displacement, an era of ever mounting world crises. we are haunted by environmental disaster of our own making, and now we are to receive a tsunami of divisive right-wing, xenophobic, fundamentalism. We are indeed, living in very troubled times

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  1. "Fascism is coming!" Some say alarmed. But the truth is that fascism was here for some time. Now it simply detaches itself from the mask behind which it was hidden. And that is what is really worrying: that fascism does not even need the mask. Before the crash of its dark wave there is no dam that stops it. It is urgent to build it.