Saturday, 20 June 2020

A Dying Beast.

      At the present time we are living with a corpse, well at least with a dying beast. The economic system that has dominated our lives for generations is sounding its death rattle. However we should always remember, a dying beast can be very dangerous.The system is creaking at the seams, as the life ebbs out of it, it will lash out in desperation to cling on to life. The pandemic has given it a golden opportunity at a last gasp for survival. The largest bailout in the history of the entire life of the capitalist system is being delivered to the billionaire parasite class, under the cloak of saving jobs during this pandemic. Fear and public caution is being used to introduce draconian measures of control, creating a submissive population. Controls that will be needed to keep civil unrest off the streets when the shit hits the fan. As it will, when the money lenders come round with their repayment deal. You may believe that we have suffered drastic austerity, and the social damage and injustice that it has delivered, but that deliberate ideological assault on the public will fade into insignificance as the dying system dives in ever deeper to plunder the public purse to pay its money lenders and try to survive. The beast will not "go quietly into that dark night" (A wee pitch at Dylan Thomas). There will be savage  lunges at survival, brutal assaults to stay alive, it will unleash its hounds of fascist beasts on to the streets. We have it in our power to put the beast to death and remove its rotting corpse from the shoulders of humanity. It may be a struggle at times on the streets and in the workplaces, but with the strength, solidarity and unity of our communities we can create that better world for all and rid the world of the vicious beast of dying capitalism.  
The following from Act For Freedom Now:
      A Funeral for this Rotting Order, Call to Saturday and Onward in Athens
     The world is moving into economic crisis unlike anything experienced since the early 1900s. States with already unstable foundations are now without money or support. In Greece, just this week the new nazi party polls in the top 3 political forces in the country. A counter to the right wing administrations response to pandemic, 6 percent of the country stating simply, economy is preferred to death.
      The end of austerity economics was always destined for war. War against it’s detractors, not abroad but at home. So these weeks we have experienced;
– Detentions for hanging posters
– Detentions for existing outside a police station
– Detentions for hanging a banner
– Mass arrest of a motorcade
– Victoria mass sweep of migrants to camps
– Victora mass detention of those in solidarity
– Monastiraki demonstration met with small army of police
      The employment of the states direct offensive toward active detractors is no surprise. Lets not forget the political war these weeks have brought;
    The education system further turned into efficient factories to churn out workers
     Workers rights continuing to be obliterated on all fronts
    Passing of anti refugee laws designed to force migration toward central europe
     Health workers continue to be ignored while thousands of security forces are hired
       The worldwide preparation against civil society began before the pandemic with faith in an economy that would never falter. Foolish for them yes, but it’s no matter as the way forward requires a break from the past. Much of this break is already written. We believe that through the coming chaos ways of living will emerge which allow existence to flourish beyond the current limitations of state sanctioned life. In the face of Goliath positivity may seem questionable. We suggest two points of contention;
      Unwavering support for subversive culture in contentious neighborhoods and antagonism against all servants of order in these spaces
     Activity designed to display the economic fragility of the state, with understood instead of unnecessary risk
As anger builds which it is, and the anarchists fight with many, which we will, let us lead by example, a clear break from the past.
       Saturday 6/20 we call to support the multiple events throughout the day in Athens and at night in Exarcheia. No ends just beginnings.
     Onward toward a culture of antagonistic individuals against society, its freedom and faith in order. The attack against it,shines a revolutionary path forward for the lost and dispossessed.
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