Sunday, 21 June 2020

"Legitimate" Violence.

       It is difficult to get your head round the amount of inhumanity, brutality and vindictive savagery that is perpetrated by so called "legitimate States". Every country that you care to mention, there you'll find  a callous, dictatorial authoritarian, establishment, that shows complete disregard for the human rights of those who choose to criticise the state. At the moment, across the globe anarchists are being particularly hard hit by these so called "legitimate states". This hard war against the critics of the system tells us that they are worried, they see the rising discontent among the ordinary people, and are trying to defuse that discontent and anger, they are aware of the crumbling of their system and their power, and will brutality try to hold on to their power, wealth and privileges. Apart from the police brutality on the streets, there is the callous vindictive brutality of their incarceration system, the institutions of repression that fly under the flag of the "judicial system" are an abomination on the face of any society that wants to wear the label of "civilised". 
     Surely the time is fast approaching when we collectively put an end to this inhumanity by the privileged pampered few, the opportunity is here now to change the direction of our society and create that better way to live. A society where humanity reigns, and sits on the foundation stones of justice, equality, and attention to everybody's needs. Free from the cancerous profit motive fed by greed and upheld by wealth, power and privilege.
      The article below is from Belarus, but name your territory and you can repeat the article over and over again, brutal power, intimidation and repression are the necessary survival tools of this exploitative system. 

 Anarchist Prisoners Ivan Komar and Nikita Emelyanov on Hunger Strike in Belarus
Information came to our mail that anarchist prisoners Nikolai Emelyanova and Ivan Komar went on a hunger strike on June 16 in solidarity with the detained and arrested activists. The girlfriend of political prisoner Yana Chulitskaya also joined the hunger strike:
“Due to the fact that political prisoners anarchists Ivan Komar and Nikita Emelyanov go on hunger strike in protest against an unjust sentence, against violation of their rights, obstruction of correspondence, and also due to the fact that recently the state has declared a hunt for dissidents (everyone who is against the dictatorial regime of Lukashenko) and they are kept in inhumane conditions, I inform you that I, Yana Chulitskaya, born in 2001, giving full report to my actions, being in my right mind, deliberately went on a hunger strike from June 16, 2020.
I demand:
  1. Adequate review of the cases of Emelyanov and Komar in their presence, and the replacement of their punishment, not related to imprisonment.
  2. Stop the detention of people for expressing their opinions. Ensure respect for the rights of detainees for peaceful assemblies.
I beg:
Respond to the application, send a written or oral response. Notify doctors in my area about monitoring my health.”
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