Monday, 1 June 2020


       Somethings I always expect when I visit Not Buying Anything, compassion, insight, respect and common sense. Qualities if we all acted upon, we would have arrived at that better world by now.
   Here are Gregg's latest thoughts on today's society.
Looters On A Rampage. 

      I was going to write about my garden, which is fully planted, but there is so much going on in the world right now I find myself needing to sow some ideas in the fertile soil of the internet first.
      So here goes with some random thoughts.
      * When you steal the contents of a store you are a looter.
     When you steal the contents of an old growth forest you are an enterprising industry leader.
     * When telling a lie, tell a whopper. Keep repeating it. If challenged, double down. 
      For example - "You are free." "We care." "TINA." "Corruption only happens in other countries." "You have Freedom of Assembly."
     * You can rob more money by owning a bank than by robbing a bank. 
     * There is never enough money for the people's projects.
     There is always enough money for propping up crony capitalism.
    * When you dump a load of steer manure on a CEO's doorstep you are engaging in "domestic terrorism".
     When that CEO dumps toxic shit in your drinking water he is engaging in "bringing jobs and prosperity to your community".
     * When a crowd of people are in the street (some with automatic weapons), disrupting traffic and screaming moistly for haircuts and a sit down fast food meal, they get a police escort.
     When a crowd of peaceful, non-violent, non-armed citizens are in the street screaming (also moistly) for justice they get pepper spray, rubber bullets and police infiltrators/provocateurs instigating violence to discredit their message.
    * When you try to save the Earth you are an ecoterrorist and will be rewarded with scorn and incarceration.
     When you succeed in destroying the Earth, if you are lucky, you will be rewarded by becoming a billionaire.
     I can see who the real looters are, and where the real violence is coming from.
      It is not the citizens I have seen in the streets, who are largely peaceful and compassionate toward each other and loving toward their communities.
    Right now the real looters are on a record-setting multi-trillion dollar rampage. It is the largest transfer of wealth in the history of large transfers of wealth.
     And the largest purveyors of violence on the planet are state authorities trying to keep our necks under their knees. "We can't breathe!"
     These truths aren't being reported while we are obsessing over The People's understandable reaction to an obviously messed up social and economic situation.
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