Thursday, 4 June 2020

Killing Machine.

        Most of the world's decent people are shocked and outraged at the public murder by the police of George Floyd, and the continuous killing of African Americans by the police on an almost daily basis, all strength to their righteous anger. However what doesn't seem to have yet entered the public consciousness is that in South Africa the police kill more than three times the number of people that are killed by the police in the United States per capita. Killing and violence are part and parcel of the state malaise. State killings and brutality are on an unimaginable magnitude during their many and continuous wars, these killings are of people in another country, usually under the pretext of bring peace and democracy, though the ordinary people of the invading country also pay a price. However the state doesn't stop its violence and killings in times of so called "Peace", in country after country ordinary people are brutalised and killed by the enforcers of their own government. The state and violence are inseparable. They kill to enrich their resources and markets, they kill to stop other states from gaining resources and markets, they brutalise and kill at home to preserve their festering system of greed and power.
     Killing and violence are the basis of their system, how else could they exploit, rob and plunder year in year out, how else could the garner the wealth created by the many, into the hands of the few. The killing will only stop when we finally accept that it is our responsibility to bring to an end this cancerous economic system. This is not just a fight against the police brutality and racism, it is a fight against a system that to survive it requires the back up of its many violent and killing agencies.
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