Sunday, 21 June 2020


     There has been a lot in the media recently about "statue protectors", and yes, these shithead thugs deserve to be met head on to stop the spread of the "virus". However, these street thugs are not the real statue protectors, they are just doing the dirty work for the establishment. If you want to take on the real statue protectors then perhaps a wee look that the photo might give you a hint from where they run their protection racket. In those marble halls of power, pomp and wealth, the illusions of grandeur and honour are fabricated, legislation is created to protect those illusions and the phony  symbols that they erect. 

      These offending statues did not appear over night all by themselves, they are part of the fabric of that illusion that is created  in an attempt to make you honour greed, brutality, royalty, military might, and the plunderers that created an empire on the blood and sweat of occupied indigenous peoples.
     You may get some of the statues removed, but what about the creed that they represent, who will still be there legislating to protect these phony symbols and still perpetrating the acts that these symbols represent, greed, wealth, power, injustice and gross inhumanity. 
      Getting rid of the statues might be the easiest part, but the creed that they represent will still be there, how do we get rid of them?
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