Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Central Control.

     I have always said that this pandemic was too much of an opportunity for the establishment to miss, the Neo-Liberal mob with their cohorts, the World Bank, IMF and others of that ilk would grasp it with relish to further their aim of world control. That has always been their aim, useing economics as the driving force, but couldn't push to hard for fear of  public unrest. along comes the pandemic and they can push for population control  with the acceptance of the populace. They can accelerate their drive for world central control on the grounds of health of the people. Perhaps you think I might be a conspiracy theorist, but the evidence is there and has been for a considerable number of years.
The following extract is from an article in Acorn, Winter Oak:  

       The sole reference, it can truly be said, as prophetic as it is disturbing, is one I found in an article by Jacques Attali, former boss of EBRD [European Bank for Reconstruction and Development], written for L’Express during the epidemic of 2009: (2)
      If the epidemic becomes a little more serious, which is possible, since it is transmittable by humans, it will have truly planetary consequences, both economic (the models suggest a loss of three trillion dollars, that is a 5% drop in global GDP) and political (due to risks of contagion). It would therefore be necessary to establish a global police force, a global stockpile, and therefore a global fiscal policy. We would then—much sooner than economic reasons alone would have allowed—come to establish the basis for an actual global government.

     The pandemic was thus already envisioned: how many simulations were run by the major insurance companies! And by the protective services of the states. Just few days ago former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown again returned to the need for global government: “Gordon Brown has urged world leaders to create a temporary form of global government to tackle the twin medical and economic crises caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.” (3)
        They are working hard at their plans for the world centralised control, they have the resources, the wealth and the organisation, how hard are we working to get local community control on a horizontal operational method? They are working hard at cementing control in the hands of the rich and powerful, how hard are we working at getting control in the hands of the people?  It will happen their way, unless we organise to stop it from happening, and that will take mass protests, mass organisation, mass solidarity and mass direct action. At the moment, they have the advantage, they have their plan, they have the resources and organisations, we have to catch up, or we enter Orwell's world. 
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