Friday, 5 June 2020


      This must be the time of a universal stand in solidarity between people across the world, a new era of universal solidarity. The public murder by the police of George Floyd, opened the flood gates to rage and out pouring of solidarity, our solidarity must encompass all those in struggle against this punitive, exploitative violent system. In our rage and fury at this brutal system we must not forget the others still suffering at the hands of the various "legal" systems of repression across the globe.
      This is a call for solidarity from Italy for comrades being dragged through the Italian state's judicial mesh.
From Act For Freedom Now:
      The second degree of the «Scripta Manent» trial will begin in Turin on July 1st, 2020. We ask comrades and people in solidarity for economic support, all the more important because in these months of lockdown the benefit initiatives have been reduced to a minimum if not completely interrupted.

The bank references to send money are:

Iban: IT56M0567617295IB0000592586
Accountholder: Omar Nioi
Bank: Banco di Sardegna
Bic/Swift code: SARDIT3S100

For any information contact the e-mail: cassamanent[at]
Visit ann arky's home at

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