Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Who Shapes?

       Today, across the world, we are certainly in the process of seismic changes, we could let them unfold without any input from us to shape those changes and accept the world that forms. Or we could be the driving force to shape those changes to the benefit of all. You can rest assured that the rich and powerful are already doing their best to shape those changes to the benefit of their parasitical class. We should be grateful for those millions across the world that have taken to the streets with a concerted effort to grasp control of those changes and drive them in the direction of the better world for all.
       Anti-police brutality needs to be looked at from the point of view of why the police are there in the first place, who needs them most and why. The police are not an entity that exists in a vacuum, they are part and parcel of a system. A system that shaped them the way that they seen best to fit their purpose, a system that needs that reserve of violence for its existence. We don’t have a racist brutal police force, we have a racist brutal system, of which the police are an integral and necessary part. We should never lose sight of the fact that we will never be rid of police brutality as long as we tolerate this brutal capitalist system.
     Perhaps we should all carry with us, to shape our actions, a few lines from Adrian Mitchell’s book, Heart At The Left.

My brain socialist
My heart anarchist
My eyes pacifist
My blood revolutionary.
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