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       The case below should horrify any human with a grain of humanity, and we should be able to say, this is a unique case. Sadly it is not unique, it is a daily occurrence in prisons across the globe. When I read them I get sick in my stomach and anger in my heart, and an awareness that we will never stop this type of treatment by dialogue alone. It will take the forceful destruction of the entire state system and its many institutions of repression. The state is aware of all these inhuman exploits, if not, then that means that the prison system is out of control, they can't have it both ways.
      What I find even more depressing is that those who enact these vicious inhumane assaults are mixing in our society as if they were normal. They are among the lowest of the low and have long since given up the right to be called human. They are psychopathic misfits prostituting themselves to the underbelly of the state's savage repression system.
The following from Support Eric King:

Eric assaulted by guard at FCI Englewood June 24, 2020

       On June 18th Eric was taken into the showers while shackled and attacked. The guard took the metal detection wand and swung at his each of his ankles and then then he would life his leg this officer would swing at the other. The guard then picked Eric up and dropped him on his head onto the concrete in the shower. He woke up after loosing consciousness for 10 seconds thinking they were pouring water on his face. But it was his own blood.
      Eric was transported to Swedish Medical Center and was give 6 stitches and was diagnosed with a moderate to severe concussion. The hospital would not give him the results of the scan or release it to his family or lawyer because they told him “he is government property”.
       The reality is folks have been fighting for over a month to be able to get an expert in to assess Eric. We believe he is suffering from a traumatic brain injury after officers at FCI Florence kicked him in the head for 5 minutes in August of 2018. We were so hopeful that we were going to be able to get help for him and see where he is at with the mixture of trauma and brain injury he has been struggling with. His memory has been affected as well as many other aspects of his life. Officers at FCI Englewood know this. They knew that we were trying to get a medical expert in because of a head injury concern… and then they dropped him on a concrete fucking floor on his head in the bathroom while Shackled up.
       This all follows a situation where evidence that his case manager out of FCI Englewood in attempted to make a deal with a person with a WP prisoner (did not cooperate) to get Eric attacked. This information was turned over to the court before they denied his transfer to another facility. What the prosecutor chose to do with this evidence, evidence that a crime was committed at FCI Englewood was to run and tell the prison. Within a week both of them had assault shots. Both for water both in separate areas of the prison.
     The guard who attacked him was the same guard who claimed Eric assaulted him with a drop of water. They attempted to refer the case to the FBI for prosecution but less than a month ago the FBI released the case back the prison. The guards attempt to have him charged criminally fell flat.
       The reality at this point is Eric is not safe in BOP (Federal Bureau of Prisons) custody. Over the past two years at 5 different prisons the BOP has a pattern of placed white supremacists in cells, in fenced in areas, close to him on his tier, in an attempt to have Eric attacked.
      When he returned from the hospital he discovered his entire tier was attacked and pepper sprayed after Eric was left. He was denied the ability to contact his attorney and family. It was only on his weekly allotted 20 minute legal call that we were given this news. They also denied him last week the ability to consult his counsel when he had an appellate deadline. The pattern of BOP intervention in his ability to fight his case continues.
     The US Marshalls need to move Eric to non BOP Facility.
     The North Central Regional Office NEEDS to open an investigation into this officer, as well as the ones that may have been standing by watching. When Eric asked for one to be opened he was denied.
      The prosecutor needs to drop this fucking case.
      We are very hesitant to ask for folks to call in and advocate for Eric because the last time this happened. A year and a half ago, his phone privileges were taken away. But at this point Eric needs folks help.
       J Sheehan is the Director of prisoner operations for the US Marshalls. The ONLY entity that can choose to move Eric out of FCI Florence right now. Their phone number is 703-740-8400
     The BOP North Central Regional Office is the officer who gets to decide if the BOP will invsitgate this *criminal* attack. Their phone number is (913) 621-3939

Eric’s prisoner number is 27090045

Eric can not receive letters

Eric can not receive books

Eric can not receive magazines

Eric can not call his family
        Eric is completely isolated at the whim of the Trump DOJ right now and need folks to help keep him safe.
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