Saturday, 13 June 2020


      We can take it that around 90% of the statues that punctuate our squares and city streets, will be of slave traders, merchants that made a fortune from the slave trade, corporate big wigs that got fat on exploiting workers, military men who created rivers of blood from indigenous peoples in their ruthless pursuit of wealth for their imperial masters, then there will be a swath of pompous parasitic royals and some political ballerinas who advocated policies that were to the disadvantage of the people in favour of the rich and wealthy.
    So where do we start? My personal view is that this prancing around destroying, defacing and protecting, these lifeless chunks of marble, bronze and stone is diverting energy down an avenue that leaves the system to carry on with its plunder and exploitation. Let's devote our energies  to the living, the power mongers that sit in their marble halls of power, dividing up the planet to the advantage of the few.
     While we feed the statues into the grinding and pulping machines, children are still going to bed hungry, or imperial masters are still slaughtering the innocent in countries across the globe. Disease and famine still ravishes the poor, while the wealthy and powerful billionaire class grow fatter by the minute. I suppose when we have rid all our cities of statues that offend our particular sensitivity we can pat ourselves on the back, and think how life has changed and the world is a better place.
    I suppose it suits the establishment to have the police running around beating the shit out of people, that are making a mess of symbols, it gives the media something to shout about and takes the spotlight of what our "betters" are devising on their trip to the extinction of our planet.
    If you wish to attack the symbols of this system then I think you should look at the real symbols, banks, corporate offices, political parties, police stations, military bass, etc. Once the statues have all gone, these symbols will still be there.

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