Wednesday, 23 November 2011


        A powerful tool in our armoury against the big corporate greed machine is one of the simplest to use. It's called "Buy-Nothing". We are approaching that religious festival of corporate gluttony when we are coerced to put ourselves in over our ears in debt, supposedly to make everybody happy. Of course those who end up happiest are the corporate vampires. This year we can really make a success of the annual "Buy-Nothing-Day" November 25/26. Take a leaf from the occupy movement and occupy the pavement outside all the big stores, tents, sleeping bags, fake Santa parties, handing out leaflets on alternative uses for credit cards. Such as spreading marmalade on your toast, scraping bird shit of your windows etc. I'm sure you can come up with some ingenious use for those micro-chipped devil cards. November 25/26 should be a fun, family and money-free-day, give the shops, supermarkets, retail parks and restuarants a day of tranquillity, they'll love you for that.

       If we want to have an impact on the corporate world we have to hit them where it hurts them most, in the bank balance. This is the 20th anniversary of "Buy-Nothing-Day" let's try to make it global, shut down the suction pump of consumerism across the world for at least one magic day. Let's give the shop assistants, sales staff etc. a break, let them have a wonderful easy day with full pay. You never know, you might enjoy the feeling and start to make it a habit, now that would be a success. You know consumerism kills.
       For more ideas on how to enjoy your "Buy-Nothing-Day" HERE.

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