Saturday, 19 November 2011


         When ordinary people across the world talk to each other, ordinary people across the world can change the world. With modern technology we can be in touch with each other in an instantaneous basis. When you protest people across the world can see it and can support that protest, when police try to break that protest the world is watching. It becomes increasingly difficult for the mainstream media to lie about it or to ignore the brutality. Today, global revolution is possible, as long as the ordinary people keep control. Grassroots movements can now shape the world the way they want, we can weave our dreams into a reality as long as we keep talking to each other and working in solidarity, never losing sight of the world we want.

        The truth can spread like wildfire, the lies can be exposed and dispelled like the smoke and illusions they are. Information is freely available, we can open up the world, we can make it our world, the world of the ordinary people.

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