Monday, 7 November 2011


             Across the developed world the call is for "austerity cuts" wage cuts/freeze, pension cuts, redundancy. The social service for the ordinary people are being decimated, education, health care, libraries, all being  dismantled. It is even being discussed in the mainstream media, but what the will not say is that this is an all out war against a particular class by another class. This is the rich and wealthy class taking from the working class to protect and enrich themselves, they call it a financial crisis. It is time to realise this is a real war, it is time to call it by its real name, class war. People will die, it may be from the cold, (can't afford to heat themselves) it could be from health problems, (proper service just not there). Like all wars though, there will be more injured than killed and the injuries can be from malnutrition, to mental health. However one of the greatest casualties will be the hopes and dreams of an entire generation of young people. This is a brutal war, and like all wars it is a war for resources, (money & and power), like all wars it is an unnecessary war. Like all wars, you lose if you don't fight back with more determination, organisation and solidarity than your enemy. We all know who that enemy is, it is the corporate capitalist system, and until we defeat that we will continue to lose our people to this brutal onslaught.
             Of course the parasites at the top of this pile of shit, could not wage this war without having their troops on the street. We see their troops around us every day of the week and they will swing into action when ever you try to resist their masters attacks.
          This video was Falmouth, it could be anywhere, yes, your neck of the woods.

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