Thursday, 17 November 2011


The village Square project
         While there are many interesting avenues of change around the city. There are groups, campaigns, projects and activities, working in the common good, but many of them are invisible to a lot of people. The Village Square will act as a focus point for what is happening around the communities and city. The project will operate from the Pearce Institute, Govan, Glasgow and be run by volunteers, on a daily basis also with evening events. There will be as well as hands on workshops on model making, mapping, meetings, discussions, talks, films, bookstall and an info shop.
          Groups working in the cities communities will be invited to exhibit, what they do, share and swap knowledge, ideas, organisational skills and build solidarity with each other. We would like to persuade folk to invent their own meet-up ideas and topics and to encourage those already working in the community to create awareness of what they are doing. There are a multitude of ideas that will unfold in the square, but the main aim is to encourage, parents and
children, young folk, older folk to think about, question and help to articulate ideas interests and issues in their patch. 

Let's get doon theerr.  

       We can do this in entertaining and inventive ways through cultural activities, actions, interventions, politics, education, art, drama, geography, mapping, technology, different mediums, film, photography, internet, walking, and such, can all be brought into play.
         You can find out more about the village Square at the LEGUP dinner nights, Govan conversations next Tuesday at the Pearce Institute and every following Tuesday at the Pearce cafe from 6: 30 or see city strolls for details.

Check the website:

While we all watch television business gets organised.

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