Friday, 25 November 2011


       Every country sees homeless people as a problem, in most countries they are marginalised and discriminated against However, the Columbian state's method of dealing with the homeless "problem" must rate as the most brutal and inhumane on the planet. This being capitalism, homeless people cost money, so the state can save money and tidy up the cities for tourism by getting rid of the "homeless problem".

       Being without a home is bad enough. But in Colombia, the government has conscripted police and armed forces to murder the homeless in the name of "social cleansing." 
      According to a documentary done by VBS.TV, the homeless are forced to hide in sewers to escape the death squads. These sewers, however, do not provide much protection: militia groups have been known to ignite the sewers with gasoline, trapping and killing those below.
      Many of these homeless people are children and adolescents who have been living on the streets for years. With no support and no other options, these people’s lives are at risk every single day.
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