Friday, 18 November 2011


         With the two technocratic unelected governements in Europe, Greece and Italy, trying to push through more draconian "austerity" cuts, only on the working class of course, we are seeing the Western developed countries rising in anger. There is massive resistance in New York and other cities across America, while in Athens  there is running battles with the police and in Italy, likewise, there has been large demonstrations. This is not a few radical leftwingers being troublesome, but a general uprising of ordinary people who are at last beginning to see through the illusion that is woven with the smoke and mirrors of the politicians and the media. The attack on the ordinary people has not peaked yet, there is more to come as the financial mafia do everything in their power to hold onto and increase their wealth and power.
        The ordinary people of Spain, and the UK are facing more cuts to their living standards and the "markets" are starting to put pressure on France to contribute more to the financial parasites coffers. What ever is hapenning in Greece is coming our way, and the only real answer as far as the ordinary people of the world are concerned, is to destroy this exploitive system run by the IMF (International Mankind Fuckers) and the finanicial mafia.

Live from New York:

From Athens:

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