Friday, 4 November 2011


              The latest from Oakland California, from that great paper, The Commune. The question is where next, what next? A group, large or other wise, camped in the centre of the city is not going to bring dramatic change to the system, it can be tolerated in the hope that it will fade and die away. It has to grow, it has to find new strategies, to gather more support and move to a wider range of protests. Occupation and organising strikes is a road that has to be considered, but more co-operation and communication between local community groups and the various occupation movements across the world, working in federation with each other, learning from each other and organising co-ordinated enlarged protests in solidarity with each other.

The occupy movement closes US's 5th. busiest port at Oakland.

“… they fear this logical next step from the movement more than anything else. They fear it because they know how much appeal it will have. All across the US thousands upon thousands of commercial and residential spaces sit empty while more and more people are forced to sleep in the streets, or driven deep into poverty while trying to pay their rent despite unemployment or poverty wages… [The police] say: you can stay in your rat-infested park. You can camp out here as long as we [sic] want. But the moment that you threaten property rights, we will come at you with everything we have.”
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