Saturday, 5 November 2011


          The face of capitalism doesn't change much, sometimes some of the people under its yoke can smile, but mostly, at best, it is a struggle. The struggles of the past are not separate from the struggles of today, it is the same struggle, it just wanes and intensifies. Today we are facing its more brutal stage with massive cuts to the social fabric of our society and thousands in each country being made redundant. This is not new, we have been here before, the system has a history of hunger marches and soup kitchens. There is of course always a pool of unemployment in the system, it helps to keep wages down, but today however, the pool is a sea. What we are seeing today is a generation of talented and bright young people being dumped on the waste heap. They have no hope of ever reaching their potential, no chance of ever earning a decent living, no matter how many degrees the have worked hard to get. Those who are advocating reforms to improve our conditions should look at the history of the system, it doesn't change, it will always function for the benefit of the parasites greedily milking it for all they are worth, that's capitalism. After several hundred years of a system that creates poverty for the many and unbridled wealth for the few, we should now realise that it can't be fixed, it has to be scrapped and something better built in its place. Get rid of the reformers and bring in the demolition squad, and then we can start to create the society we want. One that sees to the needs of all our people, a system based on mutual aid and co-operation, a community based society that works in federation with all other communities built on sustainability, one that will see all our young people flower to their full potential in free association with all others.

The Jarrow marchers 75 years on!!!

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