Saturday, 5 November 2011


       Can you think of a year when the capitalist world has been at peace? It has been continuous wars from regional conflicts, illegal invasions to world wars and back again. War is part of the capitalist system, it fights over resources and markets and the fodder is the ordinary people. Wars create wealth for some and misery for most, but they are endless.The last ten years has seen death and destruction in Afghanistan, the obliteration of Iraq and the smashing of the Libyan infrastructure. The arms industry has grown fat on this mountain of misery, the oil corporations have gained immensely, and the construction gaints have made fortunes, but the ordinary people have borne the brunt of all this misery. Now we are looking at Iran. If we wnat peace on this planet we have to get rid of the capitalist system, there is no other way.

An appeal from StopTheWar.

      Recent reports that the MoD are drawing up plans for military action against Iran are deeply worrying. Any attack on Iran would risk a wave of destruction across the Middle East. The West is justifying tightened sanctions and an increasingly aggressive posture with a series of vague claims that Iran is trying to protect its nuclear reactors and defying sanctions.

      These claims are about as convincing as those used to justify the attack on Iraq. Meanwhile the US is sending more troops, warships and arms to the region. All this as they remain silent about the well documented strengthening of the Israeli nuclear arsenal, the only one in the Middle East.

       Stop the War has produced a statement calling on the British government to scrap any plans for intervention and to pledge to take no part in any military action against Iran. Go to

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