Friday, 11 November 2011


       Those how took part in the campaign for the realse of the two trade union leaders in Fiji, will be delighted to know and should feel proud, that they have been released. Solidarity works, direct action and solidarity the keystones to changing the world. 

From Labour Start;
     Less than 24 hours after we launched a publicity blitz in support of our online campaign demanding the release of the two jailed trade union leaders from Fiji (pictured above), they have both been released. That campaign is now over.
      There is still much work to be done regarding Fiji - it is still a military dictatorship which doesn't respect workers' rights. But it is still a victory - for us, for Felix and Daniel, and for the international trade union movement.
       Online campaigns work! Please make sure to visit and sign up to any campaigns you've not yet supported. And spread the word in your union.

 And while we're celebrating - three more things you should know:


Korea's Hanjin workers - also the subject of a big LabourStart campaign earlier this year - have now won a victory. We'll have lots more coverage in the next few hours and days, but here's one report.
Are pineapples's an "ethical" fruit? Read about Make Fruit Fair's online campaign in support of workers rights in Costa Rica.
Finally, it's Monica's birthday on Monday. Who's Monica and why should you care? Click here.

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