Tuesday, 15 November 2011


         An item of news that might not catch the eye of those at the receiving end of the financial Mafia’s drive for austerity cuts, I'm referring to the coming sale of the Sundrop yellow diamond. This is quite a pretty piece of shiny stuff, kinda like yellow glass. This piece of carbon rock that was dug out off the ground, might not be your thing or mine, but, it is expected to go in the auction for somewhere around £7 million. So as you and your friends sit around discussing the hardships being inflicted on you, don't for one moment think we are all in this together. The hardship is for you and I, the fat-richcats, responsible for devising these austerity cuts, have no intention of including themselves. They and their millionaire friends will be at the diamond auction, throwing in a bid or two for that Sundrop yellow diamond. After all, what is £7 million here or there for such a lovely piece of rock.

Times are hard, I had to drop out of the Sundrop diamond auction.

      Wages cut/frozen, pensions cut, education decimated, health care privatised, libraries closed, social benefits slashed, uneployment rising, the very fabric of what little social justice we have won, being viciously removed, and Victorian poverty the only future our kids are being offered. That's the deal, you sink in the shit, and those who created this mess and pass the legislation to ensure your poverty and the protection of their wealth, flutter around the diamond markets of the world nodding a million bid here and a million bid there.

       I see this diamond auction as a graphic display of all that is wrong in this corrupt and exploitive system. The few throw millions at trinkets, while the millions struggle to live a half decent life, and in most cases, fail miserable. Their failure is not down to their lack of ability, but directly linked to the grasping greed of those in control of this stinking system, the ones who throw the millions at glossy trinkets.

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