Thursday, 26 June 2014

A Family Of Real Benefit Scroungers.

       That family, who by reason of birth, are deemed to be more important than you and I, have cost you and I, the lesser people, a total of £35.7 million last year. This does not count the cost of security, which is considerable but secret, guarding this family, who by reason of their birth are guaranteed a life of unbelievable luxury. No matter their ability, or lack of it, no matter their skills or lack of such, no matter the mistakes they make, they will always have a life of splendour, pomp, privilege and power, paid for by you and I. While you and I struggle to make ends meet, face ever increasing costs, with no matching increase in income, this bunch of pampered parasites, will glide around the world, waited on, hand and foot, take trips in helicopters, funded by you and I, hold and attend banquets in opulent settings, while we tighten our belts to make sure it all happens for them.

Your average UK family living on benefits!!

       Just so as not to let their decadent life style slip, our millionaire government, for next year, has allocated an increased sum of £37.9 million, of our money, to make sure they can continue to live in the decadent style to which we have made them accustomed.
      Of course this family of public funded parasites, living on £37.9 million social benefits, don't think it is quite enough, and doesn't allow them to bring all their property up to the standard that they would wish. A royal source when questioned on this matter of living on benefits, said, "We would like it to be more. We don't like having a property backlog hanging over us. We would like to have enough money to get that fixed... (but) we accept that in recent years the economy has been in such a state that that has been entirely unrealistic." How thoughtful of them.

 The family gets dressed up the day the giro arrives!!

       Perhaps we should request that since it is our money, we should be asked how we would like it spent, send suggestions as to how you would like to spend that £37.9 million, to the Oxbridge Cameron/Osborne gang. Also, since our millionaire Cameron cabal are always on about benefit scroungers, they should take a look at this family, who seem to be working the system with vigour, impunity and avarice. Come on Iain Duncan Smith, sort them out. Not a bloody chance of that happening, not unless we do it ourselves. 

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