Monday, 16 June 2014

When The Price Of Greed Was Blood.

      Anybody with a grain of common sense knows that WW1 was an imperialist and aristocratic land grab, paid for by the blood of millions of ordinary innocent people. We also so know that for the ordinary people,there were no benefits. The fruits from that blood letting went to the privileged parasite classes, the misery and suffering to the common people.
      Despite this truth, the powers that be to this day, try to portray this totally unnecessary blood bath as some sort of heroic fight to defend democracy, in reality a democracy that never existed, and still to this day, doesn't exist.
      As we approach the anniversary of that tragic event, we will be seeing all the trappings of power, militarism and patriotism being displayed in an attempt to convince us, that it was all worth while, something of which to be proud. There will be bugle blowing and recruitment campaigns for the next generation to be sacrificed at the alter of the new imperialism, corporate imperialism.
      That's why events as this listed below are of such importance, we must counter the insane claims of the imperialists, and continue to show the First World War for what it was, a bloody greed fest, a battle between power crazy empires for land, resources and markets.

‘Writings against the First World War’
with Bruce Kent and A.W. Zurbrugg
Wednesday 18th June, 7pm
Entry £3, redeemable against any purchase

Housmans Bookshop 5 Caledonian Road King's Cross , London N1 9DX,

       Our guests present the works of those who opposed the First World War and who wrote and published in order to convince others of its horrors, with particular reference to newly published books ‘Not Our War: Writings against the First World War’ and Ernst Friedrich’s shocking photobook ‘War against War!'.
       Bruce Kent will introduce Ernst Friedrich’s photobook ‘War against War!’ (Spokesman, 2014), which conveys the brutality and human cost of WWI through a series of graphic images. Originally published in 1924, Friedrich’s work begins with an impassioned plea, addressed ‘To Human Beings in all lands’, to understand the causes of war and to take steps to prevent it.
      The photos that follow are accompanied by annotations, sometimes understated, sometimes bitterly ironic, and contrast nationalist propaganda with the appalling reality of the conflict. Friedrich’s work is a condemnation of war which remains shocking and relevant to this day.
      Anthony Zurbrugg, editor of ‘Not Our War: Writings against the First World War’ (Merlin Press, 2014), will introduce his new book. This anthology presents the diverse voices of men and women who questioned and opposed the war: liberals, radicals and pacifists, anarchists and socialists, soldiers and non-combatants.
       They asked critical questions: Was this a war for civilization? What were the forces behind the war? How might it have been prevented? The work features the writings of James Connolly, Eugene Debs, Emma Goldman, Keir Hardie, Jean Jaurès, Louis Lecoin, V I Lenin, John Maclean, Errico Malatesta, Sylvia Pankhurst, Siegfried Sassoon and many others.

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King's Cross ,
London N1 9DX,

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