Thursday, 26 June 2014

Democracy Under The Financial Mafia.

         I recently posted an article about the mass prison hunger strike in Greece, a protest against an extremely repressive system and proposed draconian legislation. Here is an update with the hunger strike now in its forth day. It is now wide spread across all the Greek prisons. with more than 4,000 prisoners now taking part in the hunger strike protest. By the 23rd. June those participating in this protest against cruelty and repression were: 
Koridallos, Athens: 1,300 inmates 
Patras: 550 inmates 
Grevena: 400 inmates 
Larissa: 300 inmates 
Chania, Crete: 280 inmates 
Domokos (where the Greek State intends to establish the first maximum security prison): 4 wings; that is, 240 inmates 
Amfissa: 200 inmates 
Corfu: 120 inmates 
Trikala: 120 inmates 
Malandrino (one of the toughest prisons; also where Ilir Kareli took the life of a miserable torturer-guard): 120 inmates 
Avlonas (juvenile prison): 100 inmates 
Nigrita, Serres (where prisoner Ilir Kareli was recently murdered by torturers-guards): 80 inmates 
Nafplion: 50 inmates 
On the evening of June 24th – 2nd day of mass hunger strike of over 3,900 prisoners across Greece 
         To date that figure is is now 4,180. For so many people to take such desperate action, tells you something is rotten at the heart of the system. We owe them all the support and solidarity that we can muster. More information HERE.
— nearly 60 anarchists made an anti-prison intervention outside the house of Antonis Samaras, Prime Minister of Greece, in the northern suburb of Kifissia, Athens. Comrades threw anti-repression leaflets in the streets and shouted slogans such as:
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