Sunday, 29 June 2014

A Wheelchair Is No Excuse For Protesting.

       Recently I drew attention to the harsh treatment by the Transport Police against a group of elderly protesters trying to defend their free bus pass. Well it seems that the police in London, not to be outdone by the Transport Police in Sheffield, have launched a grossly over the top attack on a group of disabled people protesting at Westminster Abbey. The group, part of the Disabled People Against Cuts, (DPAC) were attempting to highlight  the injustice that will be caused by the government's intention to close the Independent Living Fund, (ILF).


      Elderly, pensioner, walking with the aid of a stick, disabled and in a wheelchair, you are all fair game for our boys in blue, well its more high vis-jackets and riot gear now. Of course they are called the Police Force, emphasis on the word FORCE.
This from The Void:
       At one point, so desperate were the police to arrest someone for nothing,  they charged into the crowd causing people to fall onto several wheelchair users.  Such was the sudden aggression of police it is a miracle no-one was severely injured although unconfirmed reports suggest one disabled person did have to receive treatment after this assault.  Police also attempted to remove access ramps for wheelchairs users to prevent them from being able to peacefully protest in the Abbey grounds.  Equipment was damaged and police prevented the planned disabled toilet and other infra-structures to be created which would have led to a safe event.  Throughout the afternoon all those inside the grounds remained at risk of violent arrest, and in fact, as you read this, that might be happening.
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