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Anarchy, -Civil or Subversive-.


        A page from a new publication called Anarchy, -Civil or Subversive- from 325 This page is from the chapter called The Submissive Crowd.
The Submissive Crowd.
     “All revolutions have failed? Perhaps. But rebellion for good cause is self-justifying – a good in itself. Rebellion transforms slaves into human beings, if only for an hour.”
Edward Abbey
         You can be the most pleasant, easy-going, kind-hearted person, but it really doesn’t matter to the “normal’ members of Society: “the followers”, those who are scared and hostile towards anybody they see as different from what they perceive to be acceptable or decent. Wearing differently cut clothes or having a weird hair cut is enough to risk the ire of the “good people” it seems, without even mentioning possessing different manners or perspectives counter to the mainstream. If you have ideas that challenge the status quo, and you’re determined to commit them to experience , be ready for their anger and grudges. With narrow minds and low horizons, the submissive crowd is the eyes, ears and mouths of repression; Grovelling conformists, who, -when they are not looking out for “terrorists” and “criminals” - are busy sniffing and snitching out any of those who don’t go through life like one of a herd of sheep.
      Sheep who scrabble for money , lie, cheat and back-stab to get what they want, dominate other people when they can, and beg for protection and mercy from the authorities. “Neighbours”, “communities”, and “citizens”; mostly just more words for those who fill the streets with their xenophobia, nationalism and hypocrisy. Those who respect social mediocrity and fawn to power deserve my contempt. Their world must go. What is normal? I ask because obviously , from the reaction of those strangers I live amongst, I am not remotely ‘normal’. Holding down some shit job, marrying and breeding, running to own your own house, consumerism, drinking beer and watching TV after a day at work: this is the good life, this is the normality that those who love Society check everyone else against. These citizens hate anybody who dares to shine brighter than that and will do everything in their power to destroy the light-bringers. Because it is the Unique ones whose light makes the ignorant aware that their own grovelling conformity is nothing but a shadow of life.
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