Friday, 13 June 2014

Religions Speak With Forked Tongue.

       It seems that there is no end to the cruelty, and no depth of depravity to which the vile institution of the Catholic Church will sink. From sexual and physical abuse, to paedophilia, and now the discovery of over 800 bodies of babies found in a septic tank at one of the homes run by the Catholic Church. Are there any more such homes?

        Trusted by that other vile institution, the state, to look after mothers and their children, they used and abused the mothers and starved the neglected the babies, and when the babies died they were disposed of in a septic tank. All this and more form an extremely rich and powerful organisation that preaches love.  The Catholic Church, is like all religions, they speak with forked tongue. They are the enemy of free thought and progress, the creator of divisions between people, institutions of control freaks, a blight on humanity. The quicker we clear our minds and our society of their poison the greater the chances of co-operation between all people.

        Vicious cruelty and religion go hand in hand, not just in the Catholic Church, it is how they treat those who differ or deny their "teachings". The only restraint on their barbaric behaviour is the secular society. Over the centuries the secularists have moderated most of religions vile acts but as we see from various reports, it breaks out again and again, creating misery, suffering and bloodshed.

This from Care 2:
       For decades in Ireland, unmarried women who became pregnant were sent to state-funded "mother and baby homes." The mothers would work to atone for the "sin" of getting pregnant; their children were taken away from them. And outside the now-abandoned site of one of those homes in Galway, the remains of nearly 800 children were found in an old septic tank last week.

       In 1925, Catholic nuns took over the running of a workhouse in Tuam, Galway, turning it into a "mother and baby home." At this grim institution, which locals simply nicknamed "The Home," children were starved and neglected, often to a fatal degree. In fact, one historian estimates that a child died once a fortnight in "The Home."

And those babies weren't treated with dignity after their tragic deaths. Instead , they were tossed in a septic tank and left there to rot -- until locals discovered them again last week.

      The Catholic church has responded with prayers for the dead children's souls. But these abused, lonely orphans deserve more than that. The truth about their lives -- the whole truth -- needs to be told, so that no one can ever forget the pain and suffering they went through.

      We have to remind Ireland's officials that we won't let the past go that easily. Please sign and ask the Irish government to help fund a memorial for these babies who never had a proper funeral.

Thank you for taking action,

Kathleen J.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite

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