Tuesday, 10 June 2014

All Of Glasgow Is Our City.

      It was great to see such a magnificent turnout at Monday night's walk through Govanhill. A community issue and a massive response from across the city. To be able to safely walk through any district in Glasgow at any time of day or night is a given, and must not be jeopardised by a handful of mental freaks. The only thought of disappointment that crosses my mind is that Glasgow has a limitless number of community issues, some jeopardise the life and safety of children, others the health and welfare of families, some the well being of the elderly and the vulnerable, but we can't get the same mass response to these issues as we got with this particular matter.

Photo: Well done to the thousands who turned out in Govanhill tonight and Amanda & Ashley who pulled the event together. Earlier this week they told us: "We do not want our area to be tarnished as ‘unsafe’ or as a no-go area. We want to inspire confidence in the people, to have the knowledge that the support of the community is out there, and most importantly, we want safety on our streets."
More here: http://athousandflowers.net/2014/06/08/these-streets-were-made-for-walking/
    I would like to ask all those who turned up at Govanhill on Monday night to come together on all those other issues that blight lives in our city. For example, in Springburn, we have 52% of children living in poverty, the highest of any district in Scotland, why? As far as I'm aware, Springburn also has the highest number of request for care orders for children. There are other districts in Glasgow not that far behind Springburn. How does this blight and destroy the lives of these children as they grow into adulthood? What kind of adults will they become?

     Like I said, wonderful to see such a mass of people take to the streets on this issue of safety on our streets, but where are they on all those other issues?

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