Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Being Elderly Is No Excuse For protesting!!

        Never hold the opinion that because you are elderly, or walk with the aid of a stick, or are in a wheel chair, that the police will not throw you around in their usual heavy handed manner. On Monday this week in Sheffield, a group of elderly passengers decided to take direct action to protect their travel concessions which were under threat. The protest was organised and staged by a group of elderly and disabled passengers in response to South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive's decision stop their free bus pass travel before 9:30am.
       They decided to travel without paying (their entitlement) and called the journey a “Freedom Ride”. What transpired was the usual heavy handed approach by the transport police, resulting in pensioners with walking sticks being knocked over, elder people hand cuffed, and ending up with cuts and bruises and some being taken to hospital. This is how representative democracy protects your right to peaceful protest. "Democracy" enforced by intimidation and repression.


Five rather heavy transport police manhandle pensioner.
This from The Express: 
     They gathered at Sheffield railway station on Monday after travelling without paying from the Meadowhall shopping complex to the city centre in what they billed a “Freedom Ride”.
      Jen Dunstan, of Sheffield Disabled People Against The Cuts, said: “Dozens of elderly and disabled people have been left with bruising. Some have cuts where their skin has broken from being pushed and shoved.”
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