Saturday, 7 June 2014

Is Revenge Sweet?

     I suppose I could call myself an old person. Through all those years I have seen the system under which we live, use and abuse friends and family. I have had relatives ravaged and destroyed by war, seen others sink into the swamp of poverty, and the system rolled on painting the illusion, that hard work will sort everything out. If that was the case I should be a very rich old guy, as my father worked hard and ceaselessly as a coal miner all his life, but we struggled all our life.
     Throughout my life, I have always taken the stand, with many others, of trying to change the system to one that benefits the ordinary people, its been a long haul and the system is still there, still using and abuse friends and family, still painting that illusion, that we will all do well if only we will work longer and harder.
     Looking globally, the signs are encouraging, more and more people in more countries are standing up and fighting, with the realisation that the system is unjust, corrupt, rotten to the core, and must be changed.
     However I have waited a long time and saw a lot of poverty and misery inflicted on innocent people, and perhaps I'm getting a wee bit bitter. I saw the image below and felt that it now seems to suit my desires more than I would have said some years ago. Is revenge sweet?

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